Product and Web Design for a Digital Fitness Collective

UX Designer

Equinox+ is a digital platform and collective of at home and in-club workouts with live and on-demand classes from the unrivaled collective: Equinox, SoulCycle, Rumble, TB12, and more.


The work at Equinox+ spanned from working on sign-in screens for the D2C launch, the company website, designing for tablet, and more. Equinox+ (then called Variis), was launching their D2C app and required new sign-in, account, and payment designs across the app and website. The launch also required a redesign of the website to better market, sell and tell the story of the product. The project included wireframes, user testing, working with marketing and engineers, and final visual designs.

This is just a snapshot of this project, inquire for more details and in-depth portfolio.