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Innovation Design on the Future of Work

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Innovation Design on the Future of Work

Nexpert is a digital platform that matches specific workers with employers. It is aimed to help retired workers to find part-time work, and employers to find skilled part-time workers, in a world where finding valuable part-time work and workers can be difficult.


The project included two phases. The first was a 4 month discovery phase around the future of work. This included interviewing over 10 ADP stakeholders and 20 workers to learn more about their needs. It resulted in 14 different low-fidelity concepts, and six were down selected by ADP for higher fidelity, shown to the right. By then end of phase 1, the ADP team selected one concept for further development - Nexpert: A platform for 55+ workers to find flexible work. The second phase included interviews with 55+ workers to learn more about their work search needs and to test the prototype and with employers looking to hire them. It ended in a high fidelity prototype that was given to ADP for development. This is just a snapshot of this project, inquire for more details.